Vilnius Akropolis Vingis

AKROPOLIS VINGIS - multifunctional culture, entertainment, business and shopping complex in Vilnius Vilkpėdė district, developed in the territory of the former Velga factory. The new complex of buildings will house a 2,500-seat concert hall, a conference centre, a cinema complex, shopping, catering, office and co-living spaces. The spaces of different functions will not be concentrated in a single building, but arranged on the principle of a city complex, separated by open-air and covered inner streets and alleys.

The conversion project will focus on the development of efficient public infrastructure, with investments exceeding EUR 10 million.

The complex of buildings will be occupied by approximately 80 thousand sq. m of space leased to retail and service operators, of which about 6 thousand sq. m will be used for restaurants and cafes spaces. It is also planned to develop office buildings in several stages – the estimated area of offices to be developed in the first stage will reach up to 60 thousand sq. m. The bigger part of the 4.5 thousand parking spaces for cars which will be freely accessible to Vingis park-goers, will be installed underground. The above-ground part of the parking lot will be integrated into the complex – co-living rental spaces will be installed above it, the area of which will be about 10 thousand sq. m.

The multifunctional complex Akropolis Vingis will be built in accordance with the requirements of the international sustainable construction standard BREEAM, and will use green energy.

Opening date
--- y
Shopping centre GBA
Shopping centre GLA
Office GLA
Number of shops
Parking places
Population of Vilnius
559.250 (2021 m.)
Driving distance from the city centre
10 min. (4 km)
Geležinio Vilko st. 2, LT-03133, Lithuania

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